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Landscape pavers don't have to be made from concrete or clay!  In fact, Azek Pavers® available at Kidron Vinyl are manufactured from up to 95% recycled materials.  And these pavers are the most technologically advanced and socially responsible paver options available today. 

Plus, these pavers can help commercial projects earn LEED® certification easier than other pavement, due in part to significantly reduced energy requirements and carbon dioxide production during the manufacturing process.

Consider that Azek Pavers:

  • Are scratch and stain resistant
  • Are much lighter in weight and easy to carry compared to concrete pavers
  • Offer lifetime warranty against cracking (for residential applications)
  • Can be installed in less time thanks to our patented grid system
  • Require no sealing or staining
  • Available in five colors

Azek offer three types of pavers, including Standard, Permeable, and Resurfacing.

Standard Pavers

Azek's Standard Pavers can be mixed-and-matched to create a unique design.  Plus, choose among three patterns – Running Bond, Herringbone, and Basketweave – to totally customize your outdoor surface. 

Standard Pavers are ideal for:

  • Patios & Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Flat Roof Applications
  • Commercial Applications

Permeable Pavers

Azek's Permeable Pavers are an excellent alternative to concrete permeable pavers.  When combined with an open-graded base, the Azek system can: 

  • Reduce runoff-generating impervious cover; and
  • Decrease the rate and quantity of runoff

Azek Paver joints are filled with small stones that offer an (independently tested) infiltration rate of 480 inches per hour.

This favorable permeation is achieved simultaneously while complying with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  In fact, the pavers are slip-resistant and manufactured with spacer lugs engineered to maintain a precise 0.275 inch space between pavers, well below the maximum one-half inch prescribed in ADA guidelines.

Resurfacing Pavers

Revitalizing an old concrete patio, walkway, or wooded deck can be a difficult and exhaustive undertaking.  But Resurfacing Pavers from Azek are designed to make your life considerably easier. 

At less than one-half the weight of concrete pavers, you can easily carry them to a remote or hard to reach spot.  Likewise, Azek's patented grid system will reduce installation time three-fold while ensuring precision placement of the pavers.  And Azek has added the "Bullnose" and "Transition" pavers in all colors and accommodate the challenges of resurfacing projects.

Color Options

Azek Pavers are available in five colors (weathered or unweathered), including:

  • Redwood
  • Boardwalk
  • Olive
  • Village
  • Waterwheel

Azek Pavers.  A great alternative to concrete pavers!  To learn more, call Kidron Vinyl today.  You may also download the Azek Paver Catalog.

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