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The Many Reasons to Choose Low-Maintenance PVC or Composite Decks

by Kidron Vinyl on 2018-05-24 16:29:36

If you’ve ever had a wood deck, you’re probably familiar with the maintenance involved in keeping it protected from the elements.  Staining or waterproofing it every few years—or more often depending on the type of stain you use—is a time consuming process. There’s also a lot of planning and prep work that goes into it. You have to wait until the weather is ideal and there’s no rain in the forecast—preferably over the span of several days so you can have time to move all your furniture, scrub or pressure clean the deck and allow it to thoroughly dry, and then apply one or more coats of sealer or stain. Then you’ll need at least a day free of rain so the stain can completely dry. Once you’re done with that backbreaking work, you’ll have tools to clean and furniture to move back onto your deck before you can sit back and enjoy it again. 

Whether that sounds all too familiar or you’re just starting to consider your options for decking materials, there are plenty of reasons to consider a low-maintenance PVC or composite deck over wood. 

  1. It can hold its own when it comes to mother nature. Unlike wood decks, PVC and composite decks do not require staining or sealing to stand up to the elements. Rain, snow, sleet, ice, hail, and hot summer sun are no match for a quality composite deck. So while your neighbors are wasting a beautiful weekend staining their wood deck, you can sit back on your low-maintenance deck and enjoy a good book, a refreshing glass of lemonade, or even a nap.  
  2. Resists mildew, rotting, and insects. Even sealed and stained wood decks are prone to some amount of decay over time. In fact, a properly maintained wood deck lasts an average of 10-15 years, where a good quality PVC or composite deck can last for 30 years or more with very little maintenance. If you keep it swept regularly and clear of leaves, mulch, dirt, etc., you’ll just need to gently scrub it with mild soap and water as needed to remove any accumulated dirt buildup on the floor and rails. And while carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and termites can wreak havoc on a wood deck, a PVC or composite deck is not something they enjoy drilling into or feasting upon. 
  3. Resists staining and scratching. When the weather’s nice, a deck is really an extension of your home, and when you’re enjoying your down time outside, you don’t want to feel like you’re constantly having to walk on eggshells to keep your deck in good shape. Composite and PVC decks just hold up better to everyday wear and tear. Do you like to grill and dine outside? No need to panic if you drop a chili-loaded hot dog face-down on the deck, or your toddler spills their grape juice. With wood decks, you’d have a major stain on your hands that would be very difficult—if not impossible—to remove. Composite and PVC decks are resistant to stains if cleaned promptly. They’re also scratch resistant, so you can slide those patio chairs around without having to worry about leaving scratches all over the wood. Likewise, composite decks are a good option for dog owners, since their nails won’t scratch the deck over time like they do with wood. 
  4. Doesn’t splinter, crack, or warp. If you have young kids who like to play on the deck, whether they’re in the crawling stage or they just like to play with their toys on their hands and knees, a composite deck means they can enjoy their play time splinter free. It also means you can walk on the deck barefoot without having to worry about getting a splinter in your foot or stubbing your toe on a loose nail or a warped board that’s sticking up. Unlike wood that is susceptible to splintering and cracking, PVC and composite decks feel refreshingly smooth underfoot.  
  5. So many color choices. With all the choices for color and texture, composite decks make it easy to design a deck that will complement your home’s exterior or meet your style preferences. Keep in mind that if your deck is south or west facing and gets the brunt of the hot afternoon sun, lighter color options may be ideal, as they will absorb less heat. If you do prefer darker colors, you could consider adding a pergola to your deck design, installing an awning, or adding a large umbrella or canopy for extra shade and comfort. There are options for PVC and composite decking that dissipate heat better than others, so make sure to ask about that when selecting materials. 
  6. Resists fading. You can rest assured that the colors you do choose for a PVC or composite deck will stay vibrant and true to their original color for years to come, where wood deck stains quickly fade and need re-stained regularly to maintain their color.

When it comes to maintenance-free decking, we’re pleased to carry the best PVC decking on the market, including Azek®. We also offer EverGrain® Composite Decking and Evergrain® Envision™ Bonded Composite Decking. Whether you’re looking to replace a high-maintenance wood deck with PVC or composite, or start a brand new maintenance-free deck from scratch, give us a call! 

Benefits of Low-Maintenance PVC or Composite Decks

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