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The Benefits of Adding a Backyard Fence

by Kidron Vinyl on 2018-04-13 13:21:23

Spring has been slow coming this year, but before we know it, warmer days will be here to stay, and we’ll be spending more of our time outdoors. If you haven’t been able to enjoy your property as much as you’d like to for various reasons, it may be time to consider adding a fence. Here are some ways a fence can help make your yard more enjoyable:


Weekend barbecues. Backyard campouts. Afternoon naps in a hammock. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Your yard can be your very own oasis from the stressors of life. But what if

every time you fire up the grill, your neighbor initiates a long-winded conversation…while your mouthwatering barbecue turns to charcoal? Or you’re regularly awakened from those afternoon siestas in the hammock…by soggy kisses from the Labrador next door? If you have neighbors close by or live in a busy area, it can be difficult to feel that your yard is truly your own—let alone a retreat. A fence can help give you the privacy you need to really enjoy your property—uninterrupted.

Safety for Kids or Pets

Whether you have kids, pets—or both—adding a fence can give you peace of mind and make life a whole lot easier. A fence provides a safe place for kids and pets to enjoy being outdoors while getting the exercise they need. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about them wandering off into danger or being bothered by potential trespassers. If you have dogs, adding a fence can mean more freedom for you, since your life will no longer revolve around their plumbing schedule—you can simply open the door and let them go out independently. That’s a huge benefit, especially when the weather’s miserable. The amount of time you’ll save every day by not having to stand outside with your dog can make a fence a worthy investment.


If you have a pool or hot tub, a fence will prevent kids from accessing the area, and is a requirement in many municipalities. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, visitors or neighborhood kids could wander into your yard and accidentally fall into a pool or hot tub if it doesn’t have a fence to keep them out. A fence around your property can also deter intruders from entering your yard—whether that might be animals that want to munch on your garden, or people who are looking for an easy way to break in. Although a fence isn’t a surefire way to keep intruders out, it definitely makes gaining access to your yard and home more of a challenge.


The right fence can really boost your home’s curb appeal, as it creates visual borders that can be the perfect backdrop for landscaping such as vines, shrubs, and colorful flowers. In fact, fences can enhance landscaping design without serving any other purpose. They can define corners, flow along one edge of a property line, or border a sidewalk, driveway, or alley. Fences can also be used to conceal objects that detract from the natural beauty of your yard, such as the view of a neighbor’s home, pets, or belongings; a nearby road, building, or parking lot; or an unsightly trash bin.


When it comes to selling your home, a well maintained, aesthetically pleasing fence could potentially add value to your home. Even if it doesn’t increase the value, it could seal the deal for buyers who have kids or pets and are specifically looking for a home with a fence.

If you’ve been considering adding a fence to your yard, now is the perfect time of year to get started. We have a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to meet your needs and complement your home. Give us a call!

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