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Pavilions Provide Shelter, Create a Unique Outdoor Entertaining Space

by Kidron Vinyl on 2018-08-02 09:22:12

In June, we discussed the benefits of adding a pergola to your outdoor living space. 

Adding a pavilion is another option that shares several of the same benefits as a pergola, including increasing privacy, defining a space in your yard, and providing relief from direct sunlight. But if you’re looking for more than just a bit of relief from direct sunlight and the elements, a pavilion may be a better option. Let’s discuss a few benefits of pavilions. 

Provides Shelter

Since a pavilion includes a solid roof, it will help shelter your outdoor living area and furnishings from direct sunlight, precipitation, and debris from nearby trees. This will allow you to extend your time outdoors—you won’t have to hastily pack up your dinner on the patio at the first sign of rain or avoid lounging on your favorite glider on those warm, sunny afternoons. In fact, sitting in the shade can feel 10-15 degrees cooler than sitting directly in the sun. And keeping your outdoor furnishings sheltered from the elements will help minimize maintenance and extend longevity.

While wind could still drive rain or debris into any open sides of a pavilion, there are options for enclosing a pavilion to achieve greater protection. Options include solid walls and lattice, privacy walls, or an EZ Breeze window system. 

If you choose not to add sides to your pavilion, a less permanent option for providing added protection is to attach rods on the inside of the pavilion and hang some outdoor curtains. This gives your outdoor space a warm, inviting feel, and outdoor curtains typically have built-in UV protection and water/mildew resistance so they can stand up to the elements. Curtains can be closed to add privacy, shield sunlight, or keep a light breeze or steady rain at bay. 

Creates a Unique Outdoor Entertaining Space

The structure of a pavilion alone can bring interest and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. But add something beneath it such as an accommodating outdoor kitchen, an inviting outdoor living room, a cozy outdoor fireplace, or a relaxing poolside lounge area, and suddenly you’ve extended your home outdoors. Not to mention you’ve created an enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends! A pavilion also provides a place to anchor electrical fixtures such as outdoor ceiling fans, lighting, speakers, or some fun string lights to liven the atmosphere even more!

Offers Design Flexibility

There are so many options when it comes to designing the perfect pavilion for your outdoor space, whether you’re looking to match your home’s existing style or want to create a standout piece. A pavilion can be customized to fit over an existing patio, deck, or concrete pad, or it can be built in an entirely new area.

At Kidron Vinyl, our pavilions are available in square or rectangular shapes in a variety of sizes to fit your space, and custom sizes are available, too. Additional design options include:

  • Wood or vinyl construction
  • Stain options for wood or color options for vinyl
  • Overall style options including standard, deluxe, or premier
  • Roof design 
  • Roof material and color
  • Corner brace styles
  • Flooring options

If you’re thinking a pavilion may be a great way to improve an existing outdoor area or create and entirely new outdoor living space, give us a call at 330.857.4451, or visit the Pavilions page on our website. We also build commercial pavilions! 

pavilions provide shelter, create a unique outdoor entertaining space

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Pavilions Provide Shelter, Create a Unique Outdoor Entertaining Space
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