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About Azek Decking

Your porch or deck is a beautiful transition between your home and the beauty and freshness of the outdoors.  And just as you choose only the finest quality materials for your home, your outdoor space should be just as enduring.  Consider these features:

  • Durable and long-lasting backed-up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Stain resistant (including spilled wine, hamburger grease, and grape juice!)
  • Scratch and split resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Impervious to moisture and insects
  • Available in 12', 16', and 20' lengths (spans maximum of 16" on center)
  • Square shouldered

Our Azek Decking lines offer you a multitude of color palettes to make this transition as seamless – or as spectacular – as you and your family desire.  Take a closer look at our featured lines.  You may also download the Azek Flooring Catalog.

Arbor Collection

If you are inspired by the warm vibrancy of exotic woods, the Arbor Collection is for you.  It blends all of the features that make Azek the leading name in decking with the comfort and beauty of tropical hardwoods – right at your doorstep. 

Choose your favorite color from among Silver Oak®, Morado®, Redland Rose®, and Acacia®.

silver oak samplemorado flooring sampleredland rose color sampleacacia color sample

Harvest Collection

For a more subdued yet equally pleasing palette of soft shades, the Harvest Collection offers colors to complement most exteriors.  Choose from Brownstone, Slate Gray, Clay, Modena®, and Kona®.

brownstone color sampleslate gray color sampleclay color samplemodena color samplekona color sample

Terra Collection

It's your outdoor space so if you want your porch or deck to blend into nearly any environment, the Terra Collection's calming earth tones may be your choice!  These rich tones are exemplified by the enhanced grain texture you'll find behind the Sedona® and Tahoe® colors.

 sedona color sampletahoe color sample

XLM Line

Go natural or go bold with the XLM line that includes Azek's Natural and Tropical Collections.  For a pure earthy tone that makes your outdoor space one with nature, you are sure to love Mountain Cedar, RiverRock, or SandRidge colors from the XLM Natural Collection.

mountain cedar color sampleriver rock color samplesand ridge color sample

Also beautiful but offering a variegated color palette reminiscent of tropical hardwoods, the Tropical Collection features Harvest Bronze, RusticBark, and Walnut Grove colors.  Simply beautiful.

 harvest bronze color samplerustic bark color samplewalnut grove color sample

Both the Natural and Tropical Collections offer a grooved profile option that, that when used with Akez's CONCEALoc® Hidden Fasteners, give a fastener-free surface.

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About PALDECK® Decking

PALDECK® Advanced PVC Decking is recognized to offer a market-leading blend of realism, performance, and ultra-low maintenance.  Plus, PALDECK includes a limited residential warranty that features 2-year labor replacement.  Consider that PALDECK decking:

  • Will not mildew, rot, or disintegrate
  • Offers superior stain, fade, and scratch resistance
  • Easily cut, shaped, and fastened
  • Available in 12', 16', and 20' lengths with grooved edges and 20' lengths with square edges
  • Suitable for outdoor and roof-top decking

PALDECK Decking offers three lines of decking you are sure to love, including the Shoreline, Woodland, and Highland Tropic Series.  Each lines features PALDECK's commitment to quality and durability combined with additional elements that will accommodate all environments.

Shoreline Series

PALDECK's Shoreline Series encompasses strength, durability, affordability, and ultra-low maintenance.  Shoreline's elegant and neutral colors will blend beautifully with nearly all settings and will stand up to almost all environments.  Consider:

  • Rich wood grains embossed in soft and natural colors
  • Fused Polymer http://www.kidronvinyl.com/main/sand_bark.jpgCap-layer for added beauty and durability
  • 25-year stain warranty plus a limited lifetime performance warranty for residential use (see warranties for full details)
  • 10-year commercial warranty (see warranty for details)

The Shoreline Series offers Sand Bank and Pebblestone colors:

sand bark color samplepebblestone color sample

Download the Shoreline Series brochure.

Woodland Series

Boldness. Richness. Those words describe PALDECK's  Woodland Series.  Add in the 25 year Stain and Fade Warranty, ultra-low maintenance demeanor, and you have a flooring that will hold its color and last for years!  Additionally, consider Woodland's:

  • Rich and realistic wood grains with truly deep and natural colors
  • Fully enclosed C3 PVC Core with Encapsa Surface Technology™ for maximum color resilience and surface durability
  • Limited residential lifetime performance warranty plus two-year labor coverage (see warranty for details)
  • 10-year commercial warranty plus 2-year labor coverage (see warranty for details)

The Woodland Series offers three truly natural colors:

ashwood color samplered cedar color sampleauburn trail color sample

Download the Woodland Series brochure.

Highland Tropic Series

Bring the natural hardwoods of the tropic to your outdoor space through the Highland Tropic Series.  While not really hardwoods, the variegated, subtle, and finely-detailed surfaces will give you the beauty and brawn of the tropical forests.    Plus, consider:

  • Fully enclosed C3 PVC Core with Encapsa Surface Technology™ for maximum color resilience and surface durability
  • Limited residential lifetime performance warranty plus two-year labor coverage (see warranty for details)
  • 10-year commercial warranty plus 2-year labor coverage (see warranty for details)

The Highland Tropic Series offers two beautiful colors:

brazilian walnut color samplehawaiian koa color sample

Take a trip to the tropics! 

Download the Highland Tropic Series brochure.

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About Evergrain® Composite Decking/Evergrain® Envision™ Bonded Composite Decking

Evergrain® Composite Decking and Evergrain® Envision Bonded Composite Decking are exceptional choices in composite decking.  Both are manufactured using performance-enhancing core materials that offer lasting beauty and durability.    Evergrain Composite Decking:

  • Features a random, non-repeating pattern on every board
  • Won't rot, splinter, or split and is termite resistant
  • Low maintenance with no painting required
  • Compression molded manufacturing process ensures dramatic grain patterns with lasting beauty
  • Feature 20-year commercial, 20-year residential, and 5-year labor warranties (see actual warranties for details)

Evergrain® Composite Decking is available in five colors, including Weathered Wood, Redwood, Forest Green, Cape Cod Grey, and Cedar:

weathered wood color sampleredwood color sampleforest green color samplecape cod grey color samplecedar color sample

Evergrain® Envision™ Bonded Composite Decking, an advanced composite decking product, adds another layer of protection that creates a sheen appearance which offers a more natural wood beauty. 

The Envision™ Composite Decking is available in four colors, including GreyWood, Rustic Walnut, Shaded Auburn, and Spiced Teak:

grey wood color samplerustic walnut color sampleshaded auburn color samplespiced teak color sample

Download the Evergrain® Composite Decking catalog.

 nylo deck logo

About NyloDeck®

No wood. No PVC. Then what is NyloDeck?

Simply, its the next generation in decking that possesses the best material properties of nearly all other composite decking products.  Consider that NyloDeck is:

  • The strongest 1" composite deck board on the market
  • Resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and termites
  • Proven to offer high performance (ask about testing results)
  • Made from 100% recycled carpet fibers
  • Twice as strong as PVC or wood plastic composites
  • Lightweight and easy to carry...making installation easier than comparable decking

NyloDeck offers a 25-Year Fade and Stain Warranty (see warranty for details).

NyloDeck is available in five colors, including Harbor Gray, Newport White, Mountain Mocha, Saddle Rose, and Desert Spice:

harbor gray color samplenewport white color samplemountain mocho color samplesaddle rose color sampledesert spice color sample

The technology behind Nylodeck takes discarded carpet fibers that would otherwise be headed to a landfill.  The patented process then combines and compresses the 100% carpet fibers with resins, an e-glass fabric, and state-of-the-art UV protection.  The result is an incredibly strong, "green," and lightweight decking board that will add beauty to your outdoor living space for years to come!

Download the NyloDeck brochure.

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